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Like most modern websites, Bidcage also uses cookies to support the user experience, and their use is essential for the functionality of certain features. Cookies are small data packs placed by the web site during its operation in users' browsers. Some of the cookies are placed immediately at the visiting of Bidcage website, while others will only be placed due to certain user activities. Some features can only be provided with the support of cookies, such as the maintaining the signed in status or remembering to the consent of cookies. Most cookies are temporary (eg.: session cookie), i.e. after the user has finished his or her activities on the Bidcage web site, those are immediately erased.

Regulation of cookies

According to current data protection regulations, cookies which are storing the status of user initiated actions and operations (except those cases that are essential to the functionality of the service) can only be placed after the prior consent has been requested from the user. The user's consent and related information are handled by the information bar at the bottom of the Bidcage website. Those cookies for which consent is not required to be requested are automatically controlled by Bidcage.

The purpose of Bidcage cookies is to ensure the adequate functioning of the website and the legal basis is the user's consent and the performance of the General Terms and Conditions.

Cookies and their data can be classified into several groups:

Bidcage does not share cookies with others that are created and controlled by itself. The user can change the duration of controlling and storing of cookies by him or herself if he or she deletes those from his or her browser.

Controlling cookies by the user

It is important to note that the deletion of cookies may result that some data are being lost or certain functions can become limited.

Settings for receiving cookies can be found by anyone in the help of any browser. You can also find help to the most popular browsers here:

Google Chrome:

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Our web site uses technical cookies which do not transmit any personal data, they only support the better user experience. You can find more information about the protection of your data in our Privacy Statement page.