Fee Regulation
Everything is free on Bidcage website that is not mentioned by our fee regulation as a payment item. Sellers pay our fees and related taxes for successful transactions. Our fees are calculated based on multiplication of base piece price of the product sold (without shipping price) and buyer's related quantity. Results of success fee calculations are net values.

We may change or extend our fees and our users will be notified about it by e-mail form 14 days in advance. Furthermore, we have the right to decide to temporarily and promotionally change our fees. These promotional changes will come into force at the moment of their publication.

Our currently valid fees

Discount for outstanding sellers

Product list processing discount
Added value per processing: 2.5%*
*To add a further 2.5% to the current product list processing discount level of a user, minimum 100 updated or created data saving status products are necessary per processing and minimum 5 days have to elapse after the last added discount. Maximum 10% can be gathered per month and in the first day of every month, product list processing discount will be set back to 0%.

Yearly default interest rate

Our fees apply to the deepest categories except if category deepening causes that a previous deepest category becomes a parent category. If a deepest category is not specified, the general fees are applied to the transaction. If a category has been deleted or got deeper level, previously published values are maintaining for related previously started transactions regardless of their disappearance from the category list. The maximum values of the fees apply to every individual buyer transaction regardless the product quantity within the transaction. In currencies that are different from Euro, the maximum limit of a fee will be converted by central rates are valid in our system at the moment when the transaction will get occurred status. When a fee value is over the related maximum limit, the maximum limit will apply to that fee value.

Base fees are calculated at the moment when transactions are set occurred status. The achieved and valid fee discounts are added to all base fee items at the financial closing moment of every month.

We will automatically create pro forma invoice for you about the finance items in every accounting period. When a pro forma invoice will be paid off we will create your invoice.

When we try to create your pro forma invoice and your address data are missing, then your user profile will automatically be set to inactivated status. When you set and save the address information in "My profile" page, your you will get back your previous user status if that is applicable yet.

The outstanding seller and product upload discount rates will be stored to every finance item from user's current values when first pro forma invoice will be created in a given accounting period (even, if pro forma could not be created because of missing address data). Thereafter these stored, finance item related and summed discounts will be applied to the calculation of final value of the given finance item (so called settled fee). The sum of settled fees will give the net amount of a pro forma invoice.

Current product upload discount will be set zero for every user at every month first day (when first pro forma invoices will be created in an accounting period) regardless if a user will receive pro forma invoice or not.

Default interest rate is stored to pro forma invoices at their creation moment and that stored rate will be applied in case of calculation when payment will occur. For default interest amount none of discounts can be applied.

Every money value included by a pro forma invoice or invoice is rounded form according to general rounding rule. Generally all available currencies on Bidcage are rounded to two decimal places. Hungarian Forint and Japanese Yen are the exceptions, those will be rounded to integers without decimal places. Net value of a pro forma invoice and invoice will be calculated as the following: all fees will be summed up in an accounting period and currency and thereafter they will be rounded as described above. If value added tax (VAT) is applied, it will be calculated based on the rounded net value and the resulted net value will also be rounded according to the described above. Gross value is the sum of rounded net and rounded VAT values. If default interest is applied, it is rounded as described above and its rounded value will be added to gross amount. The sum of net, VAT and default interest values are the payable grand total.

We create your invoices in electronic form by a third party service provider and those include electronic signature. By your registration you accept our electronic invoices. If you would not like to receive our electronic invoices, please do not use our services.

We create your pro forma invoice and invoices in that language was selected and saved in "My profile" page as the default system language at the pro forma invoice or invoice creation moment.

You can request that your pro forma invoices and invoices will be created in one collecting currency if its option was already checked in and saved in "My profile" page at the pro forma invoice creation moment. If you requested your pro forma invoices and invoices in one collecting currency, your fee values will be converted to the selected currency by our stored exchange rates of the European Central Bank (thereafter ECB, Exchange rates of the ECB are updated at 18:30 (time zone of Hungary). If a pro forma invoice or an invoice will be created before that time at any given day, then currency converting will occur based on previous day exchange rates but if a pro forma invoice or an invoice will be created after that time, those will be created based on the exchange rates of the current day. In case of updating error, the current valid rates of our system will be applied. If the collecting currency will have not been checked in, then your pro forma invoices and invoices will be created in those currencies are related to your finance items and you will receive more pro forma invoices and invoices based on the number of currencies. In case of Japan Yen and PayPal payment, we must have to take your pro forma invoices and invoices apart per one million Yens. If the value of a pro forma invoice does not reach the 2-Euro total value (or equivalent converted value in any other currency based on ECB exchange rates are currently valid in our system) in a given accounting period we will not create pro forma invoice in that given currency and all of those fees will be set to free.

If applicable, the value added tax (hereinafter VAT) will be paid by the addressee of the pro forma invoice and invoice.

We provide our services from the territory of the European Union (Hungary). According to current laws and regulations of the European Union, our services are qualified as electronically supplied services therefore, we must have to credibly verify the usage location of our services by two data that support each other. Therefore, we can only accept any payment has been initiated from the payment page of Bidcage website. The country that is related to your payment account (PayPal account, bank account, etc.) and the country that is appeared in customer’s data of pro forma invoice or invoice must have to be the same. If these two countries are not the same, we must have to deny your payment according to the current laws and regulations and so because we cannot credibly verify your usage location of our services. Pro forma invoices and invoices are created by us can be classified into four groups according to inclusion of VAT:

You take all responsibilities for falsely or incorrectly specified community VAT or Hungarian tax number or address information -be they legal or financial responsibilities and consequences- and you undertake that you will not call the operator of Bidcage and its colleagues to account in any form. Furthermore, the operator of Bidcage will devolve all costs are resulted from your incorrect or false invoicing information, be they post-payment of VAT amount or costs arise from forfeits or penal procedures.

You can make objection about your pro forma invoices within 7 days after their creation. Following the 7-day deadline we cannot accept any objection to pro forma invoices. If a pro forma invoice or invoice has to be created again, then your currently valid invoicing data and the ECB exchange rates are currently stored in our system will be used at creation process, regardless the data and the exchange rates of the original pro forma invoice or invoice.

If a pro forma invoice will have to be issued again for reasons beyond the mistake of Bidcage, 2 Euros or its equivalent value in other currency of a given invoice (utilizing the stored and currently valid exchange rates of the ECB in our system) will be charged as handling fee (those include if the user's European Union community tax number was still valid at the moment of pro forma invoice creation, but before the payment and invoice creation it has become invalid and we have to re-issue an invoice that is containing VAT).

You can pay your pro forma invoices or invoices via PayPal payment system. Payment deadline is 15 days after the pro forma invoice or invoice was created. If you do not pay off your pro forma invoice or invoice until that deadline, your user status will automatically be changed to inactivated. When you have paid off all of your late pro forma invoices or invoices, our system will automatically restore your user account into your previous user status (of course if it is possible). If any of your pro forma invoices or invoices will be late beyond 180 days, then Bidcage may consign that amount to its debt collector partners for collection. To refund or to attempt to refund our service-fees by legally unfounded way will cause the cancellation of the invoice and you will be permanently excluded from the use of the Bidcage website.

If you suffered any loss related to currency conversions or changes in exchange rates, you undertake that you will not call the operator of Bidcage to account in any form.

We may change our Fee Regulation in any time but in this case, you will be notified about it in e-mail form or you can find notification in "My mailbox" page. If you would not like to accept our Fee Regulation, you can deny our General Terms and Conditions by which your user account will be suspended.

Fee rate


Maximum fee value

10 EUR - Euro or its converted value to other currency

Categories related to fee rate

All categories that are not separately listed
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