Frequently asked questions

How can I obtain outstanding seller seal?

Everyone can become outstanding seller who can meet the following requirements as seller within the last one year:

Minimum number of the received feedbacks as seller
Our system takes into consideration all of your received feedbacks as seller regardless if transactions occurred or did not occur or feedbacks were positive, neutral or negative.

Received feedback rate as seller
You can find more information about calculation of received feedback rate as seller if you click on this link.

Left feedback rate as seller
You can find more information about calculation of left feedback rate as seller if you click on this link.

Seller notified buyers about shipping of products until the first working day after the end of handling time
Seller notified buyers about shipping of products through our system until the first work day after the end of handling time. This rate takes only into consideration the occurred status transactions. The calculation is the following: all shipped product notifications were sent within the given deadlines divided by the all shipped product notifications within the last one year. Important to know, if handling time has ended at 13:15 then our system will take into consideration the 13:15 time of the next working day as the deadline (our system works only with weekend days as non-working days).

Seller's problem solving rate
This rate serves to show how the investigated and seller’s unsolved-problem-transactions compare to all transactions (independently from a given transaction occurred or did not occur). Basically, every transaction is free of problem that has not been investigated. For example if a seller has 1000 transactions and 998 were problem free or the seller received seller solved status and only 2 transactions closed without seller solution according to the buyers then seller will have 99.8% rate by which the outstanding seller status is remained.

Product fit to description: 3-5 stars rate
Extra costs: 3-5 stars rate
Shipping time: 3-5 stars rate
Communication: 3-5 stars rate
All of the listed rate above are calculated based on detailed feedbacks. Calculations are the following: number of 3-, 4- and 5-star detailed feedbacks are divided by the number of all detailed feedbacks (of course rates are calculated separately). For example, if seller has 1000 detailed feedbacks to communication and there are 997 pieces of 3-, 4- or 5-star, then seller’s communication rate is 99.7%.

Approval to use outstanding seller seal
The approval of outstanding seal can be withdrawn or permitted again according to seller’s activities throughout our system. It is basically granted to every user by default.

How can I track and watch a product and how can I receive notification of the changes?

To those products where price watcher icon appears in listings or in product information page, you can track the changing of the product.

In case of group buys you can track the total prices or the discount levels. If your specified value will be reached, then we will notify you about it via your entered e-mail address.

Why do I need to become a verified user and how can I be a verified user?

Our user verification serves to filter out unserious and malicious users so they cannot disrupt the user experience of trading. Every user who would like to participate in group buys need to have verified user status because their participations affect many other buyers and sellers as well.

You can start user verification within user status section by clicking on verification link.

During the user verification you need to perform a PayPal test payment in which your selected amount will not be withdrawn from your account. This test payment serves only to check that you have your own PayPal account. This e-mail address will be used in group buys and it will be sent to first place seller and sure buyers to support fast and effective payment and transaction handling. You can find more information about sellers’ transaction handling if you click on this link.

Business and invoicing settings

If you would like your pro forma invoices and invoices are created with invoicing data, please check its check-box in within the Business and invoicing settings part on My profile page.

Our website does not distinguish business and private type user accounts. Every user account can be used for business and private activity. Furthermore, our system distinguishes buyer and seller activities and those are separately handled from each other. You can learn more about separated user activities if you click on this link.

If a member country of the European Union is selected for invoicing then you can enter your community VAT number. If the entered VAT number will be successfully verified within 24 hours before the pro forma invoice and invoice creation, then you will receive value added tax (VAT) free pro forma invoices and invoices. You can learn more about it in Invoice creation and its rules part.

You have the opportunity to receive all of your pro forma invoices and invoices in one selected collecting currency if you check the related check-box in. Currency conversion will always occurs with the exchange rates of the European Central Bank (ECB). We always download the exchange rates of the ECB not so long after they have been published. Before updating pro forma invoices and invoices are created with the exchange rates of the previous day and after the updating they are created with the exchange rates of the current day.

The selected and saved payment mode will be used for your pro forma invoices and invoices and you will be able to pay in that way.

Showing or hiding of the tutorial videos

You can modify the appearance of tutorial videos in our system. If the check-box of a tutorial video is unchecked then it will not appear on its page.

I could not register or I did not receive my activation e-mail!

There can be more reasons of your registration failure:
  • You have lost your connection to the Internet. Please, check your Internet connection before you submit registration form.
  • You have filled out the registration form with wrong data therefore, you have been redirected back. In this case you can find the possible reasons of errors under the wrong fields with highlighted red letters.
  • Following your successful registration you should have to receive an activation e-mail to your registered e-mail address. If your activation letter has not arrived, it is possible that your e-mail service provider delays it. In this case, your activation e-mail will arrive within 15-45 minutes later. Furthermore, it is recommended to check your "Spam" folder or if it exists, the "Promotion" folder because it could happen that your e-mail service provider delivered your activation letter to them.
  • If you have mistyped your e-mail address you can change it within 5 minutes on that page you have been redirected after registration. If you have not been able to change your e-mail address, please make contact with our Customer service and send us your current e-mail address.
  • We have experienced if you use free e-mail services then our e-mails can loose in 2-3% of the cases. If you will not receive your activation e-mail after longer time, please make contact with our Customer service and send us the name or web address of your e-mail provider and your registered e-mail address to find the reason of the failure.
  • If you deleted your activation e-mail before your user account would have been activated, please make contact with our Customer service and enter your registered e-mail address to send your activation e-mail again.

I want to leave a neutral or a negative feedback or I want to respond for a neutral or a negative feedback. How should I do?

On our website, albeit rarely, but it happens that two users make a dispute with each other. Our users can leave neutral or negative feedback based on their own decision. In case of neutral or negative feedback it is important to describe its text in the common language of the transaction.

I would like to leave a neutral or negative feedback
  • Think it over that you have done everything to solve the problem.
  • Pay attention to the common language of the transaction.
  • Let your description be factual and free from personalities.
  • Let you express your regret about you could not find a solution for the problem.

I would like to respond to neutral or negative feedback
  • Think it over that you have done everything to solve the problem.
  • Pay attention to the common language of the transaction.
  • Let your response be factual and free from personalities.
  • Let you express your regret about you could not find a solution for the problem.

How can I modify a feedback that I left for the other?

When you send shipped product notification, the buyer will automatically receive a positive feedback. Subsequently, you have 200 days to change that feedback to neutral or negative. This opportunity is available for sellers because if, for example, a buyer tries to refund unfairly his/her payment, then seller can be able to leave a feedback about this act.

If a buyer backtracks from the transaction, seller can only modify the description of the left feedback. This is because our system will basically raise the user’s buyer risk level.

If you would like to change your previous feedback to a more positive one, you can do that until 30 days after it has been left or it has last time been modified. If a feedback has been changed, its response has also been deleted. If a feedback has been changed to neutral, the other party can respond for it again.

In which language and how can I leave a feedback?

If you would like to leave positive feedback, it is recommended to use the feedback description templates because they are adjusted to the language of user interface.

If you decide to write your own feedback description, please pay attention to the common language of the transaction and write your text in that language. If the language differs from the common language it can be deletable or you can be requested to write a new one in the common language.

If you write your own feedback description, please take into consideration our moderation rules too. You can learn more about it in General Terms and Conditions

Why can I only join 10 group buys at one time?

Because our newly registered users have never participated successfully in any transaction therefore, we try to filter out those users who try to manipulate group buys by their joinings. If you successfully participate in a transaction, regardless, it will become occurred or did not occur status, you can join according to our default regulatory system.

Why is it recommended to join from a country that is the same as the primary country of group buy and what does it mean to be my country?

Your country means that country that you have selected for the shipping country. Basically, fields or the joining page will fill out with your personal and/or shipping/invoicing data that were specified on my profile page. Of course, you can modify your those data but you are responsible for the truthfulness of the modified data.

It is recommended to join such group buy that is running with the same primary country as your selected one because sellers cannot be able to exclude you from their offers and when it can be possible, you will become a sure buyer.

What is the difference between backtracking from a transaction and withdrawal of a joining?

It is important to clarify, sellers specify their quantity limits for unit prices because they can sell their products on that given price level at belonging minimum quantity. Therefore, if they cannot sell products in that minimum quantity at least they will realize loss on those transactions belongs to group buy. Loss can be increased if many buyers backtrack from their transactions. Because backtracking causes loss for seller it is more strictly penalized by our system as if someone only withdraw his/her join from group buy. This action, besides, can destroy the positive trading experience as well.

Join withdrawal can happen during the running period of group buys i.e. it will not affect finally first place seller’s minimum quantity. In this case only the join withdrawal counter increases to prevent malicious users to influence progression of group buys. If you withdraw your join one time, you will only be limited to enter 1 unit to quantity on join page but there will not be any further modification in your entered quantity that will be added to buyers’ modified total quantity in group buys. Therefore, it is highly recommended to withdraw your join before the end of group buy rather than backtrack from that transaction after the end.

How can I start a group buy?

The starting of a group buy can be initiated by every signed in and active status user. If you would like to start a group buy, just click on the Start group buy point in the top menu bar.

If you enter your desired product or related keywords into the search field, it can be found group buys or product templates related to selected primary country. If your desired product is already running in a group buy, you can join or make an offer to it. If your desired product appears as a product template, than you can start it in a group buy in the selected primary country. If you do not modify the product template our colleagues can almost immediately start it in group buy.

If you would like to start a subversion of a product, you can edit the title of the finalized product template and submit it for checking to us.

If your desired product does not exist in our system, it is recommended to continue by category and language selection.

Why does not a lower unit price offer becomes the first place when it should have to be by my joining or by my offer?

Buyers’ risk level take into account in the total quantity. Therefore, the higher the risk of a buyer, the harder a better offer price can become the first place.

We have take into consideration three different risk indicators: backtracking from transactions, buyers' received feedback rate and the joining withdrawals.

The first two indicators are taken into consideration in the entire group buy. The joining withdrawal indicator is used only when a group buy is running.

You can learn how much units are necessary to a better offer price if you check out the statistical part of a group buy and click on any of the links below the necessary quantity text.

Why cannot I start group buy until a certain date?

If you submitted us a product that is not understandable, or its content is contrary to our rules, or its language is not available on our site or for the selected primary country, then our colleagues can reject the starting of that group buy. If you have 2 or more rejected group buys within some days, you will not be able to start a group buy until the date that is shown in the flash message.

How the order of the unit prices to be formed?

The order of sellers’ offers is always changing due to the newly submitted offers. In the following list, the next point will become valid if the current point is the same in more offers. When a next offer and its displayed unit price will be taken, then the comparison will start from the beginning of list:
  • displayed unit price (base unit price + shipping price) of the primary country in ascending order i.e. smallest the first
  • possible and sure buyers’ total quantity in descending order i.e. the greater has the priority
  • average shipping price taking into consideration the buyers’ total quantity in ascending order i.e. the smaller has the priority
  • minimum quantity in ascending order, i.e. the smaller has the priority
  • maximum quantity in descending order, i.e. the greater has the priority
  • if every previous point is equal to each other among the offers, then time order will be the decisive i.e. the earlier has the priority
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