Feedback rates, types, description languages, modification and search

How and which case can I request investigation and what can the results be?

We can start investigation in the following cases:
  • seller tries to act in relation with piece price that is contrary to our rules
  • seller tries to divert buyers from their payment mode

Our investigation focuses only to mediate between the parties who dispute each other and it can help to clarify the situation. If buyer notify us about the solving of the problem, then the investigation will be closed by seller solution but if parties cannot solve the problem according to the buyer, it will end with seller unsolved the problem status.

Why is it important to leave a feedback?

Feedbacks support transactions and users to make their decision easier. For example group buys overall risk level includes the individual buyers' risk levels. If you would like to learn more about how to become active a group buy, please click on this link.

How to handle transactions and products as seller and how to leave feedback for buyers?

You can learn more about this topic in details if you click on this link.

How to track the handling of my product as buyer or how can I backtrack from a transaction or how can I leave feedback for seller?

You can learn more about this topic in details if you click on this link.

In which language and how can I leave a feedback?

If you would like to leave positive feedback, it is recommended to use the feedback description templates because they are adjusted to the language of user interface.

If you decide to write your own feedback description, please pay attention to the common language of the transaction and write your text in that language. If the language differs from the common language it can be deletable or you can be requested to write a new one in the common language.

If you write your own feedback description, please take into consideration our moderation rules too. You can learn more about it in General Terms and Conditions

How many type of feedback rates are and how are they calculated?

Every user have four different feedback rates that have different minimum values as well:
  • buyer’s left feedback rate, minimum 80%
  • buyer’s received feedback rate, minimum 80%
  • seller’s left feedback rate, minimum 95%
  • seller’s received feedback rate, minimum 90%

Users can only view the received feedback rates. Left feedback rates only regulate those who left too negative feedbacks for the others. You can learn more about it in the next block.

Every feedback rate calculation occurs the same way back to maximum 12 months. The value of every counter will increase by 1 in case of positive feedback, 0.5 in case of neutral feedback and 0 in case of negative feedback. The sum of the feedback values will be divided by the total number of the feedbacks. For example if there are 100 feedbacks from which are 88 positives, 8 negatives and 4 neutrals, then value will be 90% i.e. if we take the seller’s received feedback rate this value is equal to the minimum 90% level. So as it can be seen 2 neutral feedbacks can decrease the rate same way as 1 negative does.

What happens if one of my feedback rates becomes too negative?

If one of the feedback rates becomes too negative, our system will notify the user about it. If that feedback rate will improve at next transactions, then nothing will happen but if it will decline further, when our system sends the fifth notification about continuous declining, the user's status will be changed to inactivated. After that user status has been changed to inactivated, user will get one chance to become active user again but if the user status will be changed again to inactivated, user will need wait 6 months for next chance to become active again. Important to know that previous notification counters will decrease when a user reaches the minimum level of the related feedback rate. For example, if someone received 3 notifications in case of a given rate and that feedback rate starts to increase due to positive feedbacks but it will not reach the minimum level of that rate and it will decline again, then notification counter of that rate will increase to 4 values. If that given feedback rate will increase over its minimum level, then notification counter will decrease by one at every new positive feedback until it will reach the minimum 0 value. Notifications will be sent to user’s registered e-mail address in e-mail from.

I want to leave a neutral or a negative feedback or I want to respond for a neutral or a negative feedback. How should I do?

On our website, albeit rarely, but it happens that two users make a dispute with each other. Our users can leave neutral or negative feedback based on their own decision. In case of neutral or negative feedback it is important to describe its text in the common language of the transaction.

I would like to leave a neutral or negative feedback
  • Think it over that you have done everything to solve the problem.
  • Pay attention to the common language of the transaction.
  • Let your description be factual and free from personalities.
  • Let you express your regret about you could not find a solution for the problem.

I would like to respond to neutral or negative feedback
  • Think it over that you have done everything to solve the problem.
  • Pay attention to the common language of the transaction.
  • Let your response be factual and free from personalities.
  • Let you express your regret about you could not find a solution for the problem.

How can I modify a feedback that I left for the other?

When you send shipped product notification, the buyer will automatically receive a positive feedback. Subsequently, you have 200 days to change that feedback to neutral or negative. This opportunity is available for sellers because if, for example, a buyer tries to refund unfairly his/her payment, then seller can be able to leave a feedback about this act.

If a buyer backtracks from the transaction, seller can only modify the description of the left feedback. This is because our system will basically raise the user’s buyer risk level.

If you would like to change your previous feedback to a more positive one, you can do that until 30 days after it has been left or it has last time been modified. If a feedback has been changed, its response has also been deleted. If a feedback has been changed to neutral, the other party can respond for it again.

How can I find a transaction and its related feedback if I would like to modify?

You need to go on My feedbacks page that can be found in the Personal menu in top menu bar. If you have signed in, you can find a search tab within the tab menu in the middle of the page. If you click on the search, you can enter transaction code or username of the other party. Below the text input, you need to select the "I received" option too.

How can I remove the hurtful or inadequate language feedbacks or responses?

If you find hurtful or inadequate language feedback or response, please make contact with our Customer service and let us know your problem. If our colleagues will also find that the description is contrary to our rules, they will request a new description from the other party. If the other party will not leave new description until the deadline, then the "Description has been deleted." text will appear. If newly left description will be contrary to our rules again, it will be deleted immediately.
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