Start group buy, inactive and active group buy, meaning of progression and stepping back

How can I start group buys or upload more products at once?

You can start group buys one by one but product lists can uploaded through our application programming interface (API). You can find more information if you click here.

How can I start a group buy?

The starting of a group buy can be initiated by every signed in and active status user. If you would like to start a group buy, just click on the Start group buy point in the top menu bar.

If you enter your desired product or related keywords into the search field, it can be found group buys or product templates related to selected primary country. If your desired product is already running in a group buy, you can join or make an offer to it. If your desired product appears as a product template, than you can start it in a group buy in the selected primary country. If you do not modify the product template our colleagues can almost immediately start it in group buy.

If you would like to start a subversion of a product, you can edit the title of the finalized product template and submit it for checking to us.

If your desired product does not exist in our system, it is recommended to continue by category and language selection.

Why are group buys based on one primary country?

It is important because of the order of sellers’ offers. Our algorithms will primarily select the first place offer based on their displayed piece prices that are calculated as the sum of base piece price and shipping price of the primary country. Furthermore, users who has joined from primary country cannot be excluded from offers.

Why cannot buyers give different sizes within a groupbuy in case of clothing products?

Because buyers can continuously join a group buy until its end and sellers have a certain amount of each product size therefore, when sellers change each other in the first place position, then always other and other group of buyer can buy the product and no one knows who can buy or not the product until the end of the group buy. At a given moment someone can be a sure buyer and next he/she becomes an inactive buyer that causes really big disappointment for those buyers and the whole running process becomes untraceable for everyone.

In case of clothing products why can I select only from a limited size table?

Manufacturers create their products in limited size intervals therefore, it does not make sense to select such sizes for a group buy in which products are not manufactured and sellers cannot make offers to that group buys because they have not got stock about that size of the product.

How can someone influences he/she can become first place seller or sure buyer at the end of a group buy?

Progression of group buy cannot be influenced by any way. To become the first place seller or a sure buyer depends on many variables: buyers’ quantities, maximal piece prices, received feedback rates, counters and rates of backtracking and joining withdrawals; sellers’ displayed piece prices, shipping discounts, quantity limits and excluded countries.

Buyers’ received feedbacks, backtracking from transactions and joining withdrawals will transform to user risk level and all of these will modify a bit downward the buyers’ real total quantity (so called modified total quantity). This downwardly modified buyer total quantity provides that minimum quantity of the first place offer price can be reached beside buyers’ possible future backtrackings and other type of risks.

Why does not a lower piece price offer becomes the first place when it should have to be by my joining or by my offer?

Buyers’ risk level take into account in the total quantity. Therefore, the higher the risk of a buyer, the harder a better offer price can become the first place.

We have take into consideration three different risk indicators: backtracking from transactions, buyers' received feedback rate and the joining withdrawals.

The first two indicators are taken into consideration in the entire group buy. The joining withdrawal indicator is used only when a group buy is running.

You can learn how much pieces are necessary to a better offer price if you check out the statistical part of a group buy and click on any of the links below the necessary quantity text.

What is the difference between backtracking from a transaction and withdrawal of my joining?

It is important to clarify that sellers specify the quantity limits for piece prices because they can only sell their products over the minimum quantity limit on the related piece prices. So, if they cannot sell products at least in the minimum quantity they will realize loss on those transactions that belongs to the group buy. Loss can increase if many buyers backtrack from their transactions. Because backtracking causes loss for the sellers it is more strictly penalized by our system as if someone only withdraw his/her joining from group buy. In addition, this action will destroy the positive trading experience inside our system.

Joining withdrawal can do during the running period of group buys i.e. it will not finally affect the first place seller’s minimum quantity. In this case only the joining withdrawal counter increases to prevent malicious users to influence progression of group buys. If you withdraw your joining one time, you will only be limited to enter 1 piece to quantity on joining page but your risk level will not increase. Therefore, it is highly recommended to withdraw your joining before the end of the group buy rather than to backtrack from the transaction later on.

What is the progression of a group buy and the stepping back in its progression and what does it mean if a group buy is active or inactive?

The progression essentially means continuous stepping forward to better and better piece prices and higher and higher total quantity of buyers. If a joining has been withdrawn, then group buy may step back to a worse piece price or it can become inactive again.

Group buy is inactive when none of the sellers’ offers can become the first place and none of the buyers can become to possible or sure buyer either. If the conditions will be granted to an offer becomes the first place and a group of buyers becomes possible and sure buyers, then that group buy also becomes active.

What does inactive, possible and sure buyer mean?

When someone is inactive buyer that means he/she is not a member of the group who can buy the product. This can have some different reasons:

  • the group buy is inactive because none of the offers can become the first place based on the buyers' and sellers' data;
  • the group buy is active but the buyer is inactive case can happen if the criteria of the offer do not allow to become possible or sure buyer, i.e. seller excluded the buyer based on his/her country or the displayed piece price for the buyer is higher than buyer’s maximal piece price or the buyer’s quantity cannot fit with the quantity limits of the offer.

Users can only be possible buyers during the running of group buys. When group buys end every possible buyer will become sure buyer as well. Possible buyer can be those buyers who selected a non-primary country for shipping country on the joining page. Possible buyers can be excluded from offers but our system tries that those buyers can become sure buyer at the end of the group buy but we cannot guarantee this really will happen. Therefore, it is recommended to join such group buys that have the same primary country as your shipping country. You can learn more about joining if you click on this link.

Sure buyers are who joined from the primary country of group buy. If stepping back will not happen during the progression of a group buy, then those buyers can surely buy the products.

How can I become the first place seller?

You can learn more about how to become the first place seller and about how to make an offer if you click on this link.

What can I do when the product information of group buy has been modified and that product does not meet my expectations?

As a buyer you can easily withdraw your joining in the middle of the product information pages. In this case our system will not increase your joining withdrawal counter. As a seller you can request our customer service to withdraw your offer. Important to know, if you withdraw a joining or an offer, you will not be able to join or make an offer to that group buy again.

Why cannot I start group buy until a certain date?

If you submitted us a product that is not understandable, or its content is contrary to our rules, or its language is not available on our site or for the selected primary country, then our colleagues can reject the starting of that group buy. If you have 2 or more rejected group buys within some days, you will not be able to start a group buy until the date that is shown in the flash message.

What happens if an active group buy will finally close unsuccessfully because of buyers’ backtracking?

If the total quantity of the occurred status transaction will not reach the 99 percent of the minimum quantity limit or more than 20 pieces missing to the minimum quantity limit of the first place offer (which one takes place first), then the seller will not pay success fee for the transactions of that group buy. Though our algorithms try to take buyers' backtracking into account but we cannot guarantee that a group buy will successfully be closed.

How can I find a running group buy?

You can learn more about how to find a running group buy in listings if you click on this link.
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