Search and track products

How can I find products that interest me?

There are many ways to find a product that interest you. In the top search bar you can use a simple keyword based search or beside it there is the advanced search. Furthermore, you can select a main category from Buy or Sell sub-menu within the main menu bar and thereafter, category selection page will be loaded and by clicking on a link you will redirect to listings. If too many product results has been found, you can filter further the list by the side search menu.

What can I do if I do not find my desired product among the group buys?

On the one hand, it can happen that you have searched the product in inadequate categories. First, it is recommended to search by only a few words. After more attempts, if you do not find your desired product in the listings, you can start a new group buy with your desired product by clicking on the Start group buy link within top menu bar. You can learn more about group buy starting if you click on this link.

Earlier I saw a product in listings but now I cannot find it!

Every listed product has its own expiration time until it appears in the listings. So it can happen that the running time of the product has expired. If you would like to start that product again in a group buy, please click here and follow the steps on the loaded page.

How can I track and watch a product and how can I receive notification of the changes?

To those products where price watcher icon appears in listings or in product information page, you can track the changing of the product.

In case of group buys you can track the total prices or the discount levels. If your specified value will be reached, then we will notify you about it via your entered e-mail address.

Where can I find transactions in which I participate as buyer or seller?

You can find your transactions on My buying list or My selling list page within the Personal menu in top menu bar.
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