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User account

Bidcage is not distinguishing business or private user accounts. Every user account can be used for business and private activities because every activity is divided to buyer and seller one. You can learn more about separated user activities if you click on this link.

In User account part you can manage your e-mail address, username and password too.

Where can I find my user status and how to know am I a verified user?

You can find your current user status on My profile page User account part within the Personal menu in top menu bar.

Why do I need to be and how can I be verified user?

Our user verification serves to filter unserious and malicious users so they cannot disrupt the user experience of trading. Every user who would like to participate in group buys needs to have verified user status because their participations affect many other buyers and sellers as well.

You can start user verification on My profile page User account
part by clicking on user verification link.

During the user verification you need to perform a PayPal test payment in which your selected amount will not be withdrawn from your account. This test payment serves only to check that you have your own PayPal account. This e-mail address will be used in group buys and it will be sent to first place seller and sure buyers to support fast and effective payment and transaction handling. You can find more information about sellers’ transaction handling if you click on this link.

Personal and shipping data

You can use your personal data on joining page of group buys and it can be necessary if you use your personal data for invoicing of Bidcage.

Specification of the shipping data is recommended only if your shipping address always or mostly differs from your personal address. If you enter those fields, Bidcage will always fill out the shipping fields of joining page with them. If you would like to learn more about joining page, please click on this link.

Invoicing data

Specification of the invoicing data is recommended in two cases. First, when you would like to fill out the invoicing fields of joining page or if you would like to receive your pro forma invoices and invoices based on the invoicing data.

If you would like your pro forma invoices and invoices will be created with invoicing data, please check in the proper checkbox on My profile page Invoicing data part.

If a member country of the European Union is selected for invoicing, then you can enter your community VAT number. If the entered community VAT number will be successfully verified within 24 hours before the pro forma invoice and invoice creation, then you will receive value added tax (VAT) free pro forma invoices and invoices. You can learn more about it in Invoice creation and its rules part.

You can receive all of your pro forma invoices and invoices in one selected collecting currency if you check in the proper checkbox on My profile page Invoicing data part. Currency conversion will always occur with the exchange rates of the European Central Bank (ECB). Bidcage always downloads the exchange rates of ECB not so long after they have been published. Before the updating of exchange rates of current day, pro forma invoices and invoices will be created with the exchange rates of the previous day. After the updating, pro forma invoices and invoices will be created with the exchange rates of the current day.

The selected and saved payment mode will be used for your pro forma invoices and invoices and you will be able to pay in that way.

General settings

You can modify the appearance of tutorial videos in Bidcage. If checkbox of a tutorial video is unchecked, that will not be shown on the related page.

You can set newsletter receiving on this part too.

Language settings

You receive all of your system e-mails in the selected system language, except if the language of trading form changes it.

Your pro forma invoices and invoices will be created in this language as well.

At My communication languages, you can set multilingual elements. For example you can enter the default return policy descriptions in those languages you have selected and saved in this part.

Default return policy

You can specify your own return policy in default return policy part which can be used in offers. Description of return policy will always be shown in the language of a trading form.

How can I delete my user account?

Deletion of your user account means the starting of a transitional process that lasts minimum 60 days and your user status will be changed to inactivated during this period. If you have any pending activity in Bidcage beyond that 60 days, then the deletion process will be suspended until every pending activity will successfully be closed.

Your pending activities can be:
  • Pending feedbacks
  • Pending transactions as seller or buyer
  • Unpaid pro forma invoices or invoices to Bidcage
  • Suspended or inactivated user status because of prohibited user activity
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