Outstanding seller and its requirements

What does it mean if someone becomes outstanding seller?

Outstanding seller seal or status means positive distinction for a seller. Now outstanding sellers receive discount from success fee. You can learn more about fees and their calculations on the Fee Regulation page.

How can I obtain outstanding seller seal?

Everyone can become outstanding seller who can meet the following requirements as seller within the last one year:

Minimum number of the received feedbacks as seller
Our system takes into consideration all of your received feedbacks as seller regardless if transactions occurred or did not occur or feedbacks were positive, neutral or negative.

Received feedback rate as seller
You can find more information about calculation of received feedback rate as seller if you click on this link.

Left feedback rate as seller
You can find more information about calculation of left feedback rate as seller if you click on this link.

Seller notified buyers about shipping of products until the first working day after the end of handling time
Seller notified buyers about shipping of products through our system until the first work day after the end of handling time. This rate takes only into consideration the occurred status transactions. The calculation is the following: all shipped product notifications were sent within the given deadlines divided by the all shipped product notifications within the last one year. Important to know, if handling time has ended at 13:15 then our system will take into consideration the 13:15 time of the next working day as the deadline (our system works only with weekend days as non-working days).

Seller's problem solving rate
This rate serves to show how the investigated and seller’s unsolved-problem-transactions compare to all transactions (independently from a given transaction occurred or did not occur). Basically, every transaction is free of problem that has not been investigated. For example if a seller has 1000 transactions and 998 were problem free or the seller received seller solved status and only 2 transactions closed without seller solution according to the buyers then seller will have 99.8% rate by which the outstanding seller status is remained.

Product fit to description: 3-5 stars rate
Extra costs: 3-5 stars rate
Shipping time: 3-5 stars rate
Communication: 3-5 stars rate
All of the listed rate above are calculated based on detailed feedbacks. Calculations are the following: number of 3-, 4- and 5-star detailed feedbacks are divided by the number of all detailed feedbacks (of course rates are calculated separately). For example, if seller has 1000 detailed feedbacks to communication and there are 997 pieces of 3-, 4- or 5-star, then seller’s communication rate is 99.7%.

Approval to use outstanding seller seal
The approval of outstanding seal can be withdrawn or permitted again according to seller’s activities throughout our system. It is basically granted to every user by default.
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