Regulations, prohibited products, inactive and suspended status

General Terms and Conditions

The General Terms and Conditions is a contract which contains all of our rules and regulations are concerning to the use of our website and our users must be comply with it in order that we can provide our services in adequate quality level. By your registration you enter into contract with Bidcage Company and you accept all of its rules and regulations. You can learn more about our General Terms and Conditions by clicking on this link.

What are the prohibited products?

  • Every product and service are associated with drugs,
  • every fake product and/or violation of any copyrighted product or trademark,
  • every license required product like weapons, guns, ammo, military products, explosives, pyrotechnical material and equipment and their parts and components as well as particularly dangerous products to public security, including those products for which gun license is not necessary (throwing star, switchblade, cosh, truncheon, boxer, electric shocker, viper, nunchaku, gas spray, etc),
  • protected animals,
  • credit cards,
  • dangerous materials,
  • human organs, body parts, tissues
  • stolen products,
  • sexual services or prostitution,
  • lock-picking devices and services or other services are related to crimes against property,
  • pornographies that are prohibited by laws
  • human trafficking and such type of services,
  • services that aim counterfeiting or creation of fake identity,
  • products or services of gambling, lottery, multi-level marketing, pyramid games,
  • codes, identifiers and access information of accounts especially with user accounts of Bidcage
  • as well as any product or content harms others’ emotions, hate speech that harms others’ religious beliefs or their ethnics and every aggressive or threatening activity and any other products or contents are illegal or Bidcage regards as illegal.

Why can a user get inactivated or suspended status?

User status can be changed to inactivated or suspended because of user's own request, deletion process of the user account, refusing the acceptance of General Terms and Conditions, any violations, too many negative received or left feedbacks, late invoices or continuous backtracking from transactions. Users will receive notifications about their violator activities before and after their user status has changed to inactivated or suspended. You can find more information in General Terms and Conditions.

What is the difference between inactivated and suspended status?

In case of suspended status, all of the user’s running trading activities will be suspended regardless he/she is buyer or seller and he/she cannot participate in or initiate new ones.

In case of inactivated status, user cannot initiate totally new trading activity, but his/her previous participations can be finished yet.

In which case can be a transaction deleted or modified by Bidcage?

We can modify or delete a transaction in any case if it is contrary to our regulations or we can find shortcomings in product descriptions. Furthermore, if a user will be suspended, then his/her products will disappear from listings in order to protect others.

If the product description of a group buy has been modified and it does not match my desired product, then what can I do?

You can learn more about modification of product description of groubpuy if you click on this link.

What are the criteria to start a group buy?

You can learn more about group buy starting if you click on this link.

Why and how to leave feedback for others?

You can learn more about feedbacks if you click on this link.

How can I remove those feedbacks are hurt me?

You can learn more about modification or removal of feedbacks if you click on this link.
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