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What is Bidcage?

Bidcage is an online marketplace that can help for buyers and sellers to find each other to trade with products.

How can I become registered user?

If you would like to become registered user, you need to click on the Register link within Register or sign in text in the top menu bar. Then the registration page will load and you need only to properly fill the form out and submit it.

I could not register or I did not receive my activation e-mail!

There can be more reasons of your registration failure:
  • You have lost your connection to the Internet. Please, check your Internet connection before you submit registration form.
  • You have filled out the registration form with wrong data therefore, you have been redirected back. In this case you can find the possible reasons of errors under the wrong fields with highlighted red letters.
  • Following your successful registration you should have to receive an activation e-mail to your registered e-mail address. If your activation letter has not arrived, it is possible that your e-mail service provider delays it. In this case, your activation e-mail will arrive within 15-45 minutes later. Furthermore, it is recommended to check your "Spam" folder or if it exists, the "Promotion" folder because it could happen that your e-mail service provider delivered your activation letter to them.
  • If you have mistyped your e-mail address you can change it within 5 minutes on that page you have been redirected after registration. If you have not been able to change your e-mail address, please make contact with our Customer service and send us your current e-mail address.
  • We have experienced if you use free e-mail services then our e-mails can loose in 2-3% of the cases. If you will not receive your activation e-mail after longer time, please make contact with our Customer service and send us the name or web address of your e-mail provider and your registered e-mail address to find the reason of the failure.
  • If you deleted your activation e-mail before your user account would have been activated, please make contact with our Customer service and enter your registered e-mail address to send your activation e-mail again.

I forgot my password and/or my username!

If you forgot your password or username, you need to click on Forgotten password or username link on the Sign in page. Then you can enter and submit your registered e-mail address and you will receive a user account access-modification e-mail.

What is GMT and why do I need to select a time zone?

Bidcage is an internationally used website therefore, our users have their own time zone. In our system zero time zone (GMT) is being used but signed in users can see modified dates and times according to their time zones. If the time zone of our system will be shown then (GMT) text will appear next to dates and times.

Modification or deletion of my registered data, user verification, business account settings, language settings, default settings and the appearance of tutorial videos

You can set up your personal data on My profile page within the Personal menu in the top menu bar. You can find more information about use of My profile page if you click on this link.

How can I make contact with Customer service?

If you do not find appropriate answers to your questions you can make contact with our Customer service within the Information menu in top menu bar. We do not have call-centre but we try to answer to requests as soon as possible.

Where can I find my mailbox?

You can find more information about your e-mails and mailbox if you click on this link.
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