Download of product list sample files

Our system can accept product lists in XML and CSV format. Please click here for product list sample files or you can find more information in Help.

Currently valid language codes and names

ENG - English
HUN - Hungarian

Currently valid currency codes and names

AUD - Australian Dollar
BGN - Bulgarian Lev
CAD - Canadian Dollar
HRK - Croatian Kuna
CZK - Czech Koruna
DKK - Danish Krone
EUR - Euro
HKD - Hong Kong Dollar
HUF - Hungarian Forint
ILS - Israeli New Shekel
JPY - Japanese Yen
MXN - Mexican Peso
TWD - New Taiwan Dollar
NZD - New Zealand Dollar
NOK - Norwegian Krone
PHP - Philippine Peso
PLN - Polish Zloty
GBP - Pound Sterling
RON - Romanian Leu
RUB - Russian Ruble
SGD - Singapore Dollar
SEK - Swedish Krona
CHF - Swiss Franc
THB - Thai Baht
USD - US Dollar
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