What is group buy and why is it worth for merchants?

Group buy is the combination of traditional and community buying. It can successfully end with a single product or larger quantity as well.
Risk-free use, no listing fee. Fee payment only after successful sales.
Product processing and outstanding seller discounts up to 35%.
Trustfulness based trading, limitation of unserious buyers.
Buyers can achieve discounted prices together through an exciting experience by inviting others to increase the quantity of products.
Significant quantity and revenue can be achieved through self-generationg growth without advertising costs.

Fast and efficient product placement

Product processing API for the simple product sending.
Product lists can be uploaded but Bidcage can also download them in CSV and XML formats.
By the receiving of new or updated product data, group buys can automatically start with sellers' products.
Product lists of more web stores can be updated through one user profile.
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Offers and automatic offers

Automatic offers remain until products are being sold and Bidcage can automatically make offers to newly started group buys.
By continuous product price and stock updates, automatic price adjustment and stock tracking are also available.
Previous and automatic offers can be loaded as samples into offer forms.
Exclusion of buyers or specifying of shipping data can be possible even by country and even shipping discounts can be set if someone buys more products at once.
Piece prices and handling times can be specified to the ever-increasing quantity limits.
Default return policy can be set too but a different one can also be specified.
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Handling of products and feedbacks

The design of pending transactions page helps the fast identification of large number of customers and payment information and the effective communication of handling process of products.
Buyers also see summary information about the handling of group buys that supports sellers' calm and unnecessary questions free business routine.
Every buyer automatically receives positive feedback that can once be modified later by the seller to a negative or neutral one.

Tutorial step by step, how to become a seller on Bidcage

After you have registered and activated your user profile, go to My profile page that you will find in Personal menu of top menu bar. Then User account point will be selected in the side menu.
In User account part a User verification link can be found by which you can start the user verification of Bidcage. As a seller, all you need is a verified PayPal account, ie. your bank account was linked to it.
After you have successfully become fully verified user, click on Web stores and product lists point in side menu. On the loading part, click on Add a new web store link. For the newly added web store, you can select that you upload or Bidcage download your product lists.
Group buys will automatically start after the finalization of products that were sent and you will receive notification about it if you do not have offer for them.
You can make offers for group buys one by one (shipping prices, quantity limits with piece prices) but you can also create automatic offers that Bidcage will suggest at the beginning of making of offers.
You can find your automatic offers if you go to Personal menu My automatic offers page in top menu bar. You can modify your automatic offers by selecting from the list or you can create new automatic offers to further products by clicking on the Product finder for automatic offer button at top of the page.
Following the end of group buys, all you only need is to manage and ship products to your buyers.

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